“Art and works of art are not the artist; sense, enthusiasm and instinct transforms you into an artist. ”

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Schlegel

I do not promise you will have one of the most beautiful weddings if you choose me, but I can promise you with a heart on my hand that I will make sure that your fruit buffet looks impeccable. I dedicate my time and talent to make your event a dream come true. I do not want you to have your head on the wedding at your wedding, so that’s why I will take care of everything. Starting from fabulous sculptures in fruits, chocolate fountains to serving dinner guests.

We would like to invite you with all kinds of fruits we find on the market, fruit skewers, candied fruits and last but not least, chocolate fountain.

We can offer you the portrait in watermelon, floral patterns, but also a melon work with gold. Contact me and I will send you the offers that best fit your event.

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