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``If you think you can, or think you can not, you're right in both cases`` - Henry Ford

"In this online course you will learn how to carve in fruit from a series of 17 videos. I will be with you throughout this training and at the end you will learn more about how to start a business in this field.

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Information About Instructor

Hello! My name is Elisei David and I am one of the most appreciated and watched fruit sculptors in Romania. I am the first and only sculptor in Romania who can offer you a piece of work in a melon with a carved gold and carved portrait.

I am the creator of soap paintings very much appreciated by people in the country, but also from abroad. I am the only sculptor in ROMANIA that carvings portraits in melon and with this we delight over 10,000 people each year with the buffets created by us.

I am the first and only sculptor in Romania who can help you carve in fruit with a course I launched with my team.

What our customers say about us!



“Super Cool! … I served at a fruit and chocolate event … the person who served the guests with the chocolate skewers is the 10th grade … the superb sculptures”



“Everything Excellent !!! Fruits showed extraordinary, fresh and delicious, and the guests were impressed. Elisha David is a 10-year-old man, truly professional! Thank you for your effort and your professionalism !!! We highly recommend the services of a truly talented and laborer! “



“Thank you for the wonderful fruit buffet. You have embellished your wedding and enjoyed your art. Our guests have only words of praise. You are on the list of the next event. You are a true professional !!! “



“The best chocolate. The fact that it does not strengthen and remains fluid until it is finished is the most important feature. Thanks for your commitment and commitment to providing the best service.



“I reckon with all confidence, a professional in the true sense of the word, taste, art, talent …… Involvement to prove. The best and most talented … Thank you very much for all and much success in the future. “



“I reckon with all confidence … a professional in the true sense of the word … a real art can also realize a very sociable person … Thank you for all your success and further on! “



“The table of fruit decorated in such a special way, the melon sculptures with our portraits and those with the wedding motifs, the authentic taste of the fruits that all the guests have remarked contributed remarkably to the story wedding we had, a. I highly recommend Elisei David Artist for talent, professionalism, care for the details and involvement he has shown. Thank you for everything! “


What Services We Offer


I do not promise you will have one of the most beautiful weddings if you choose me, but I can promise you that I will do my best to make your fruit buffet look impeccable. I dedicate my time and talent to make your event a dream come true.


Imagine that at the age of 15 your parents show you pictures of your baptism party. Besides the arrangements and the majestic menu, how would you feel that the chocolate fountain and animated sculptures delighted the eyes, but also the taste buds of your guests?

Business Events

For an exclusive business event you should not miss the fruit buffet and the chocolate fountain. I can sculpt the business logo, but also many other models that will impress your guests.

Other Events

Events such as birth, raising, banquets, and exclusive private parties; for these events I prepared you sculptures with the theme and the chocolate fountain.